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Soy Gabriela Richarte, una joven profesional freelance con más de 6 años de experiencia trabajando en el ámbito de la traducción y la localización. Como profesional de la lengua, considero que la comunicación eficaz es un factor clave en la sociedad globalizada en la que vivimos. Brindo servicios en del francés, inglés e italiano hacia el español.

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I am Gabriela, a freelance translator with +5 years of experience.  Originally from Argentina, I currently live in Spain, more precisely on the southern coast, near what I love most: the sea.

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Language Services

The languages I work with are:

  • French to Spanish
  • Italian to Spanish
  • English to Spanish

 Although my areas are legal-economicsmarketing and gastronomyI’ve done some correspondence translations, articles and I also currently work for the tech industry (software, apps).





Communication and design

In addition to translation/localization language services, I also provide DTPdesign and marketing consulting services. Why? Because this is how I achieve an integral work in terms of quality content, both written and visual

Price and contact

Do not hesitate to contact me for pricing. All prices will be calculated depending on the task volume and deadlines. You can find me through different ways, I leave you the one that is more comfortable for you 🙂

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