About me

My name is Gabriela Richarte Ferreyra. I graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires’ School of Law with a degree in Legal Translation in 2018 and I have been working as a translator ever since.

I specialize in legal, economical and financial translation, but my curiosity and ambition made me also specialize in marketingweb content and digital products. I translate from English, Italian and French into Spanish in order to provide engaging content for the client and your readers.

As a child I have lived with several languages and that has become a passion for me: to know a language is to know a culture, to break structures and to open the mind.

From Buenos Aires to Barcelona.

Although I’ve already said it, I love learning new languages. The last year, since I moved to Barcelona I’m learning catalan.

Tech expert

Yes, I’m a millenial. I was born and grew up during the 90s I have found the world of technology fascinating and I firmly believe that it is here to stay. To this day, I love to try out new technology and play with it a little. However, it was as part of my master’s degree that I became passionate about it. I’m a tradumatic!

I really like to write and I’m very good at it!

What makes me stand out from other translators is the quality of my writing in Spanish. As a good reader (I devour books!) I love finding just the right word, and I also wonder why the author chose that word… if I would use another one! For me there is no “one way of doing things”.

By the way, sometimes I write on my blog, although at the moment it is only in Spanish.

I really look forward to working together and become a part of your team!

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